HARAGO  Spring Summer 2024

HARAGO stands out for its dedication to weaving tradition with modern sensibilities. Mixing traditional artisan craftsmanship, the Spring Summer '24 collection is a testament to the core of what the brand stands for. I had the privilege to work alongside Harsh Agarwal , the visionary behind HARAGO. Our shoot led us to Madurai and Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu, a region celebrated for its rich heritage of hand weaving and iconic checkered patterns we often see in traditional ‘dhoti’s’.

We chose to shoot the collection amidst the architectural grandeur of Chettinad's historical mansions, flower markets, and streets of Karaikudi, deliberately selecting a backdrop as authentic as the craftsmanship we highlighted, aiming to honor not just the clothes but also the people and traditions behind them.  

Creative Director : Harsh Agarwal
Photographer : Vikram Valluri
Model : Kaviraj