BEHIND THE CURTAIN, the one day only interactive photo installation featured photographers from all over the globe. The show attracted over 750 attendees throughout the night. It was one of the most popular and well attended events in the history of the ICA SF. The show evolved over the evening through a constant rotation of photographs becoming only a memory for those who were there to witness it. Every 15 minutes a photo was dramatically torn from the walls with another photo appearing underneath. A full museum gallery with hundreds of pieces hanging on the walls at 5pm became empty by 9pm. Fortunate attendees who arrived on time were surprised to be able to take a piece from the show home for free, all 1 of 1 postered photo prints.

The program featured works from: Ando, Charles Fabbiani, Jordan Hill, Alex Papke, Andrea DoSouto, Cris Bravo, Ryan Garshell, Jason Fong, Ken Goto, Lindsey Byrnes, Marcell Turner, Nestor Judkins, Nora Lalle, Rhonda Smith, Sean Silk, Vikram Valluri, Waylon Bone, Dylan Maddux, Dennis McGrath, Jason Henry, Liza Cueva, Ariel Gomez and Ricky Powell.

The Institute of Contemporary Art San Francisco (ICA SF) is a brand new, free, non-collecting contemporary art museum dedicated to experimenting in public, operating transparently, and embracing constant reinvention in the realm of contemporary art.

Curated by Ando
Presented by ICA & Value Culture
Sponsored by Tolago and Pink Bird Production.