Dior Homme

Client : Dior Homme

Creative Direction, Edited by Vikram Valluri

Shot by Philey Sanneh, Vikram Valluri

Music By Che Ramirez

Dior Homme reached out to me wanting original branded content. This gives me an opportunity to show consumers from around the world some of New York City’s iconic sights with four Model/influencers  from  different countries. To create a feeling of what it means to be a modern man  I wanted to highlight subtle moments of unconscious smiles, careless glances and vulnerability which fits in line with Dior Homme’s elegance and ethos. In total, I delivered a total of 24 original assets including videos, stop motion animations, polaroids, and still  images. By the end of the campaign, we had approximately 10.5 million viewers in over 50 different countries.